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Business of Design is a dynamic conference by leading South African design professionals and business experts, aiding artisans, designers, manufacturers and small to medium enterprises to significantly expand their markets, by offering guidance, practical tools and heaps of inspiration.

Joburg Conference
18-19 October


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Cape Town Conference
11-12 October

Cape Town


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What Business of Design can do for you

The design industry is one of the fastest growing communities in the creative sector. Although emerging talents have learned and developed creative skills, many have limited knowledge and experience on how to run a business. Business of Design is here to help. Our talks have covered the following:

For You

  • managing yourself, your time, your team – being a leader
  • dissecting trends and implementation
  • inspiration, resources and design direction
  • building a unique and dynamic brand
  • growing your company into an asset of value

For your business

  • comprehensive pricing, order analysis and sales growth
  • financing cash flow, invoicing and payments
  • business and accounting systems and software packages
  • product development, licensing and copyright
  • testing, compliancy and adhering to industry standards

For your business growth

  • marketing and approaching the press
  • website and online social platforms
  • approaching retailers locally and internationally
  • alternative routes to market
  • export, international standards, preparing for shipping, agents, international trade shows