Meme-generator, Planet-shaker, Thought-leader and Music-maker

Going Viral on Social Media

Apart from achieving internet fame with his spicy memes and controversial views, The Kiffness makes jazzy, groovy and uplifting house music and is fast becoming one of South Africa’s favourite live electronic acts. Dave managed to make his way from bedroom producer to building his own studio and crafting a handful of successful singles that have had great success on radio charts. This year, ‘You Say You Love Me ft. Tawanna Shaunte’ was nominated for Best Music Video in the South African Music Awards. With over 10 000 followers on Instagram, and more than 55 000 likes on his Facebook page, The Kiffness’ social media posts, poking fun at anything from retailers to politics and Telkom are known to garner instant likes, with many going viral overnight.