The Designer Link

When Robert Brozin co-founded Nando’s with Fernando Duarte, he began to envisage building a global brand. Today Nando’s is one of the most visible high-street retailers to have emerged from South Africa and the unique taste of flame-grilled peri-peri chicken is, after 29 years, served in over 1 200 restaurants in 23 countries, including the UK, USA, Australia and South Africa.

Robbie decided that once the group had 1000 restaurants he would take a back seat from daily operations and start concentrating on a few projects that are dear to him, including the Nando’s Art Initiative (making sure to use South African contemporary art in each Nando’s restaurant), Harambee (an employment and training incubator) and Goodbye Malaria (an initiative that is actively spearheading the eradication of malaria from Southern Mozambique).